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Lunchtime Classes

You want to offer a fitness options to your staff but don’t know where to start? A happy and healthy workforce is proven to be more productive, so why not offer your team a training option within the four walls of your business?

Our team of dedicated coaches can come to your office and teach a NextLevel Bootcamp or CrossFit class. All we need is a bit of space, and we bring the equipment along with us. You have a gym space and equipment, that is great! We design our programming according to your needs and set up, to provide your staff with the best fitness experience.

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Team building activities

Activity based team building is of the best investments a company can make. It not only brings team members together by having fun but enhances co-worker relationships through problem solving and new experiences. This type of team building is also often used by HR departments to identify strengths of staff and pinpoint potential leadership talent. At Coexiste CrossFit our team building experiences are designed to fit with employee culture and for all fitness levels and the strengths. Every individual has an opportunity to shine.

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