Coexiste CrossFit Internship Program

Our internship program has been created to develop the next generation of Coexiste CrossFit trainers that are both knowledgeable in the instruction of CrossFit techniques and capable of teaching fun and valuable CrossFit classes.

Also, you will become proficient in the following;

  • Establishing the role of coach and athlete/lifter and why that’s so important
  • How to be corrective and effective in your coaching cues
  • Cues to avoid
  • How to assess an individual based on their known physical abilities
  • How to assess an individual to discover currently unknown abilities and limitations

What does this internship involve?
While there are definite requirements to get into the program, the only real “structure” you will find is the progress timeline. This is in place to keep you moving forward so that we know that as a member of the internship program, you are committed to becoming a trainer. Other than that, there are very few “handles” to keep you on track. We are looking for people that are responsible, motivated, thirsty for knowledge, and who don’t need hand-holding to keep them on the path.
The program is designed to be completed in as little as 3 months, but the speed at which you move through it will be determined by your background, experience and diligence in practice and execution.

How do I apply?
All you have to do is meet our minimum requirements. You must be a member of Coexiste CrossFit, you must hold a current CFL1 and you must provide a letter of intent. It all starts with this:

  • What does CrossFit mean to you?
  • Why do you want to be an instructor?
  • Why would someone want you to be their coach?
  • What are you looking to gain out of this program?
  • What is your background (include all): education, profession, sports, and fitness?
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses?

Please send your letters of intent to