Our Facebook is all 5*!

we are honoured once again to see that our Facebook reviews are nothing but 5*!!! We've had a great time with all of you and your passion to be better has made us what we are today. Here's to many more years of more more more! Check out for yourself!

5* June 26, 2017

This is by far the best crossfit gym I have ever been to. I have never felt better in my life when I went here . Steve and Joelle welcome you with open arms and make you feel so comfortable even when looking around the room thinking your the only "not fit" person there. Out of all the athletes that train in the room they help every single person out to the best of their ability for the whole workout. I haven't been back for two summers now only because I have moved away fromMontreal since then. I have tried to find various crossfit gyms in Ottawa and Toronto and have not found one like this . The coaches are out of this world and they care so much about you and your health! I was in the best shape when I went to crossfit coexiste. They never give up on you and keep striving you to do better ! I am so sad that I cannot find a gym like this anywhere! Whenever people tell me they want to get in shape and live in Montreal I try my hardest to direct them to your gym !! Awesome job guys !! I will continue recommending your gym ! Wish I could come back

5* July 25, 2017

Went for the first time yesterday and had a great time. Very welcoming and enjoyed the coaching during the class. Was very happy to come out having learned some new techniques. Finally found our Montreal vacation gym for when we come down, but I wish this gym existed where we lived.

5* May4, 2017

I just started on my journey and cannot say enough about how amazing the team is. Everyone is helpful, and there is a real sense of belonging that is without compare. 
Joining Coexiste was the best decision!
(now if only my thighs would stop hurting so much!)

5* July 5, 2017

It is the best gym in Montreal. The trainers are amazing and have personal feedback for everyone, and the other members could not be more supportive. I recommend trying this gym out to anyone, because I know from experience you will not regret it.

5* May 29, 2017

First day, amazing experience, people are friendly and welcoming, focusing on technique and are make sure you do things right. I strongly recommend it !