Our mission is to create a true community, not just an elite one. To focus on goals, not just numbers. To make functional movements even more functional by applying them to real-life scenarios. To eliminate the fear of joining a CrossFit gym. To make CrossFit accessible to all.

Much more than a typical CrossFit box. They incorporate Spartan race obstacles into WOD’s, making for a mentally as well as physically challenging workout. You can tell that Steve genuinely cares about each of his athletes.
— Dino Mastropaolo - Facebook


CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. This sounds really cool and formal but what does it mean exactly? We take movements from Olympic Weight Lifting, Powerlifting and Gymnastics. We run, climb, jump, row and throw. We do this in as many combinations as possible where technique is paramount and intensity follows.

Our aim is to increase your proficiency in the 10 recognized fitness domains (Cardiovascular & Respiratory, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy), so there is no specialization. In layman’s terms, this means we are a fitness program that strives to make our clients jack of all trades when it comes to physical activity.

Our annual school trip to Coexiste Crossfit is always a blast!! I bring 30+ high school students (all the way from Ottawa) to experience obstacles & incredible Crossfit WODS! Steve, Joelle & Tish are awesome! My students & I look forward to our visit all year long!!
— Penny, May 30 at 3:49pm on Facebook